About Us

Hi! I'm Jennifer! My mom, Terri, and I are the Screen Door Stitchers and we hope you'll become Screen Door Stitchers with us!

Screen Door Needleworks started out as a just a wish, a dream, a one-day-maybe on the long drive home from Snyder, TX on Halloween 2021.  We quickly turned it into a reality and opened our shop in January of 2022.

I run the day-to-day of the shop.  I do most of our product ordering with my mom's help and input and I ship all of the orders. I have a 6 year old daughter and 4 year old twin daughters. I try to stitch as much as I can between dance, gymnastics, horse riding lessons, and all the other stuff that comes along with being a momma. Being a mom is by far my favorite job, but Screen Door Needleworks is definitely something I'm proud of and cannot wait to see it grow. 

My mom helps with stitching models, finishing pieces, and by being the very best stitchy friend I could ask for.  She also helps me with our Screen Door Needleworks exclusive charts.  Designing charts and picking out floss colors is always easier with a second set of eyes. 

We hope you enjoy your time here at Screen Door Needleworks and we hope your come back again!

-Jennifer and Terri